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The real miracle of chanukah congregation bnai israel. We all know that the reason we celebrate chanukah is to commemorate and thank hashem for all of the nissim miracles that he performed for our ancestors upon saving them from the greeks and their harsh decrees. This chanukah holiday season, new york boys choir, one of the most refreshing and creative sounds in the jewish music scene, under the leadership of renowned producer yitzy bald, film producer. The focus of the gemaras explanation for the celebration of chanukah is. Grab your matches and slap on your yamaka, because as of last night hanukkah is officially in full swing. A man arrives home early from a business trip to celebrate the first day. A salvation is an event in which two equal forces compete and the good guys win. While there is a jewish debate about how to spell this jewish holiday, everyone can agre that it is the festival of lights and rededication. Having become this years official candle lighter for the hanukkah family celebrations, owen.

A chanukah miracle has been adapted from a tale found in sefer likutei sipurim. Another example is the miracle of the mighty greeks defeat at the hands of the maccabees. Ours was a reverse miracle we expected the campaign to last for 14 days, and it lasted. The miracles and lessons of chanuka olive seedlings. One such miracle was the splitting of the red sea, where gd saved the jewish people from the wicked egyptians in a public manner by utterly decimating their army.

Whereas shabbos and most of our holidays include kiddush and other festivities that we celebrate with the use of wine, on chanukah we celebrate the miracle that happened with the olive oil in the beis hamikdash. We invite you to use the following resources to enrich your celebration of chanukah. Seven days commemorate the miracle of the oil, and one day commemorates the miracle that a few weak jewish soldiers defeated the mighty greek legions. Chanukah was a miraculous military victory, but a tiny cruse of oil proved more miraculous and enduring in the memory of the jewish people.

Perfect gift for that chanukah baby or all year round for that special little miracle. This actionfilled radio play portrays the miracle of chanukah as a victory of jewish spirit over the forces of assimilation. Chanukah begins at sundown on sunday, december 2, 2018 and ends at sundown on monday, december 10, 2018. Chanukah is the celebration of the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Their is a known question that if so, why do we light for eight days. First day of hanukkah in canada 2019 happy hanukkah 2019. The first day of hanukkah 2019 in canada, celebrated on 22nd of december, 2019. Nov 24, 2010 matisyahu has released a brand new chanukah song, miracle, on itunes, one week ahead of the festival of light, his fifth annual series of shows celebrating chanukah. It also celebrates a miracle that happened during this. Dec 24, 2011 the miracles of chanukah by rabbi yehuda spitz we all know that the reason we celebrate chanukah is to commemorate and thank hashem for all of the nissim miracles that he performed for our ancestors upon saving them from the greeks and their harsh decrees. Dec 09, 2014 today practicing jewish families celebrate the miracle of hanukkah by lighting their own household menorahs, eating foods fried in oil, and spending time with loved ones. In the miracle of chanukah by sheri wilner, a holiday guests personal miracle throws a family for a loop. Reb chaim kramer shares the politically incorrect story of chanukah and the effects of the greek exile as only he can, no holds barred.

This chanukah, share your commitment to social justice with students, friends and family by using a variety of resources provided by american jewish world service. Meir elkabas the hidden meaning of this treasured hanukkah song. But unlike its other seasonal counterparts, hanukkahs date changes each year, since it is celebrated according to the hebrew calendar, whereas we use the gregorian calendar. We are careful not to use it for any purpose our mitzvah is just to look at the candles and listen to the story that they tell. That the small pure cruse of oil burned beyond its oneday lifespan for an additional week, illuminating the seven chambers of the soul kabbalistic teaching. Chanukah also spelled chanuka, hanuka, hanukka, hannukah or hanukkah is the jewish festival of lights, the feast of consecration, or the feast of the maccabees. As you are probably aware, hanukkah or chanukah or lots of different transliterated spellings is coming up. Many of our customs, including the consumption of donuts and latkes, are to remind us of the miracle of the oil. The hidden miracles of chanukah chanukah 5776 dvartora.

He felt guilty for using a dead woman for his own material advantage, and each time he saw her preternatural joy, he cringed inside. Hanukkah 2016 begins at sunset on saturday, december 24, and ends on sunday, january 1. Christmas, hanukkah overlap in 2016 for first time since 1978. Its a chance, says rabbi amy eilberg, that should not be squandered. Rabbi barry block, 2016 4 resist that most attractive of holidays, other than participating in the celebrations of our christian family, friends, and neighbors. Wondrous as it is, the miracle of chanukah, in which an oil flask meant to last one day instead lasted eight, seems dwarfed in todays world of everlasting products. Well worth showing to kids of all ages at chanukah. Turning now to how the sages of the talmud related to the miracle of chanukah. A gentile boy asks a jewish girl about the meaning of hanukkah. What was the miracle of chanuka by avi lazerson almost everyone is familiar with the story of the miracle of chanukah, that the hasmoniam found a vial of pure oil with the seal of the high priest with just enough oil to light for one day, and miraculously it provided enough oil for eight days. Ill get hold of a small, empty food canthe smaller the better, so itll be easy to hide and escape notice.

A man arrives home early from a business trip to celebrate the first day of hanukkah and he finds a supernatural surprise. Many jewish people light the hanukiah or chanukkiyah, which is a type of candelabrum. The miracle of chanukah childrens videos jewish kids. The miracle of chanukah may have happened thousands of years ago but its message is something that can be seen in recovery every day that there is hope. As one can surmise, it is not going to be what most people have been taught as to what was the miracle of. Retelling of the chanukah story, it delivers the message that it is all right to be different and to stand up for what you believe. Stories of the season for more than 15 years, npr has celebrated hanukkah with original stories inspired by the jewish festival of lights. Naomi put her hand to her mouth and began to shake, and even aaron. We need to be reminded of the great chanukah miracle, that a.

The miracle of chanukah was that they lit the menorah with this oil for eight daysthat the flame of selfless sacrifice blazed beyond a moment of truth, beyond a day of reckoning. On the last day, the final candle is lit, bringing to a close a period when jewish people commemorate a miracle described in the talmud. Hanukah holidays lasts for eight days and begins on the 12th of the month of kislev. The meaning of the miracle of chanukah by rabbi michael l.

It commemorates the victory of the maccabees over the syrian greek army, and the subsequent. Mika almog 2l and chemi peres l in the east room of the white house on december 14, 2016 in washington, dc. As jewish families around the world gather to light the first candle on their chanukah, i want to wish everyone celebrating this festival of light a very happy and. There are no entirely holidays, so businesses are open as natural. First we must understand what each of these different types of miracles match up with the various events in the chanukah story.

The chanukah, also referred to as the festival of lights, stems from the small amount of consecrated oil for lamp burning would only last one day, and miraculously it lasted for eight days. Also called the festival of lights, the holiday brings light, joy, and warmth to our homes and communities as we celebrate with candles, food, family, and friends. The beating of a new heart anonymous my husband told me which friends had called to see how i was and to ask when would be a good time to visit. In the wake of alexanders appearance in and departure from jerusalem, relations between jews and greeks were so good that an exchange of cultures took place. A miracle occurred, and they lit the menorah with this oil for eight days.

Gerber looks at the miracle of the jews escape from egypt. One winter, as chanukah approached, reb asher revealed his plan to his friend. Let it be a true celebration of and for our jewish people. A modern chanukah miracle the meaningful life center. One night a young boy no older than ten or eleven was preparing for chanukah. As jewish sunday school children around the world learn the story of the miracle of chanukah this month, and light the first candle sunday night, adults also have a chance to ponder lifes miraculous moments. The story of the miracle, as described in the talmud, occurred after the liberation of the temple in jerusalem during the maccabean revolt, and describes how the finding of a jug of pure oil that was to be enough to light the lamp for one. Hanukkah is the hebrew festival of lights and will be celebrated. A chanukah tale schnur, steven, johnson, stephen t. Hanukkah, one of the most widely observed jewish holidays, is a festive eightday celebration that for many people falls during the darkest, coldest season of the year.

Chanukah readings american jewish world service ajws. On december 11, when we light our chanukiah chanukah menorah in our sanctuary, we will remember our heroic ancestors and recognize that we are the ones who now are keeping the blessed flame of judaism burning. The event that is the greatest type of miracle is the miracle of chanukah. The yeshiva boys choir those were the nights of chanukah the maccabeats candlelight hanukkah oh hanukkah a pentatonixstyle music video.

Miracle of the maccabees the chanukah story story time audio. Christmas and the first night of hanukkah overlap in 2016 for the first time since 1978, and experts believe the rare occurrence will happen more often in the future find out why. We are blessed to experience the sacred every time we enter our beloved congregational home. Hanukkah, which is hebrew for dedication, is the festival of lights. For rabbi hartman, the miracle wasnt that the oil lasted an additional seven days, but rather that those ancestors lit the first wick at all, without being certain that the light would last long enough to complete to the rededication of the temple. The miracle of chanukah was one jug of oil that was only enough for one day, lasted eight days.

Miracle of chanukah gd of isreal will never abandon his people, through the history he has never forsaken them and never will. Dates, rituals and history of the festival of lights. Increasing light at the darkest time of the year to celebrate chanukah and jewish survival is also a miracle. Nov, 2015 this miracle of our triumph is one that we still celebrate today, for eight days and nights every winter. Youve never heard the meaning of chanukah explained like this. Jews celebrate their victory over a tyrant king and the rededication of the temple. Hanukkah is the hebrew festival of lights and will be celebrated by millions of jewish people around the world. In the following year they established and made it days of holiday with hallel and thanksgiving. Watch these kids reenact the story of chanukah in 5 minutes. Hanukkah is a jewish holiday which celebrates the victory of the maccabees over the larger syrian army. Perhaps the real miracle of chanukah, then, is that, convoluted though their methods might have been, the rabbis of the talmud preserved chanukah. Dec 14, 2016 a gentile boy asks a jewish girl about the meaning of hanukkah.

Let it restore a greater understanding for young people that miracles are not just part of our past, rather an everpresent part of today, and our future. The light of the chanukah candles is holy, like the light of the menorah in the beit hamikdash. Clever animation, especially of the hebrew alphabet, gets even toddlers involved in the story. The story of hanukkah is one of revolution and miracles. Miracle of chanukah your south valley jewish community. The events of chanukah were accompanied by the miracle of lights because that was the perfect representation of a battle between the light of the jews, and the darkness of the greeks. We can extend this amazing idea of the sfas emes even further.

But also, celebrate the real miracle of these eight days the strength of our people. The miracle of hanukkah, yesterday and today the christian post. The lyrics to maoz tzur, speak of the miracle of the roses. I was reading rabbi kalman packouzs commentary on chanukah earlier and of course, reevaluated my relation if any with the. Dec 27, 2016 everybody knows about the single cruse of oil that lasted for eight days. The hanukkah period lasts for 8 days and is celebrated from the 25th day of kislev to the second day of tevet.

Dec 25, 2005 the oil that fueled the hanukkah miracle sunday evening marks the beginning of the jewish festival of hanukkah. As one can surmise, it is not going to be what most people have been taught as to what was the miracle of chanukah. Everybody knows about the single cruse of oil that lasted for eight days. Chanukah ii the chanukah miracles how they were triggered and what they teach the first morasha class on chanukah discussed the nature of the conflict with greece and the decrees they imposed. This chanukah, sure, celebrate the miracle of the oil that the rabbis teach us about. Watching the tiny flames that symbolized pure belief in god, bringing the light of torah into the darkness of russia, we realized that we had been given the privilege of spreading the rebbes light. Feshbach temple shalom, chevy chase, md chanukah, 1979. To celebrate chanukah, the cjn is running a series, eight miracles for eight days. Judy clapped her hands and began to cry, but they were lovely, happy tears. Are we simply celebrating miracles of long ago or experiencing our own version of this story in our daily lives in the 21st century. Calendar calculations and other historical sources indicate that the 25th of kislev, the first day of chanukah, fell on shabbat that year.

Rav chanina ben dosa forewarned his daughter taanis 25a, the one who commanded oil to burn, he can command vinegar to burn as well. This year it will be commemorated from sundown on tuesday, december 12 to sundown on wednesday, december 20. December 2016 kislev 5777 this month we celebrate chanukah, a holiday which brightens the darkest time of year. Hanukkah simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Since it was chanukah, we lit the chanukah menorah. In this second morasha class on chanukah we will address the nature, symbolism, and implications of the chanukah miracles. Over 2100, during the hebrew month of kislev, a tiny group of jewish soldiers fought a goliath in. May nights six, seven and eight be wonderfully bright for us all. Performed by students at the orlando jewish day school and the chai preschool. The miracle of the oneday supply of oil miraculously lasting eight days is first described in the talmud, committed to writing about 600. Featuring zach appelman, peter friedman, judy gold emmy award, marcia jean kurtz and lisa joyce. Chanukah teaches to reveal the miracles into the realm of nature. The miracles of exodus and chanukah the canadian jewish news. We hope to see you this evening for our kabbalat shabbat chanukah hoedown at 6.

The famed author rabbi yisroel yaakov klapholtz has included the story in his monumental work, tales of the baal shem tov. Chanukah 2016 by jewish federation of san diego county issuu. Just click the edit page button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the akas submission guide. A miracle of chanukah, and still a miracle today, danken gott.

Another year such a beautiful history and so adorable little actors. But chanukah is much more than that i recently came across a series of very short chanukah thoughts in the writings of the former chief rabbi of the united kingdom, rabbi jonathan sacks. Stay tuned after the performance for a conversation with the playwright and cast. The miracles and lessons of chanuka while there are a number of historical sources for the events surrounding the jewish rebellion against the syrian greek empire, there are only two sources that can be said to have any kind of canonical authority in judaism. The miracle of chanukah occurred in a dark time when there were wicked decrees against. The first night of hanukkah or chanukah starts with special blessings at sunset the day before the 25th of kislev. Shine a light for those being persecuted around the world with a new reading for candle lighting. The dreidel with its hebrew message nes gadol haya sham, a great miracle happened there, reminds us that miracles can occur, even when the world seems shrouded in darkness and fear. Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. My home that year was a cramped room in an old, gothic dorm at bryn mawr college, where i was living as part of the dorm exchange with haverford. Rachel and david looked at each other and stood from the floor and quickly hugged jacob. That oil can burn and give us light is, in and of itself, a miracle. We commemorate the rededication of the jerusalem temple after the maccabees defeated the syrian greeks and we celebrate a miracle.

Hanukkah is a jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the second temple in. Judaism and vegetarianism another miracle of chanukah. Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, exulted mottel the tailor in fiddler on the roof. The miracle of chanukah was that the chashmonaim found oil that was sufficient for the lighting of the menorah for one night, and hashem made a miracle. December 2016 by isaac shenker aged 10 dedicated to every boy and girl who think they are the only ones without a christmas tree.

If the miracle of the oil was the primary miracle of chanukah, which the. The answer is that it wasnt enough even for one day. On the last night of hanukkah, the crowd was larger than ever. Join berel and simcha as they discover a true chanukah miracle. In our opinion, theres nothing better to do after you light the menorah, eat your share of latkes and open countless presents than to sit down in front of the tv and watching a great movie with whoever youre sharing the holiday with. On the first evening of chanukah, he set the menorah on a stool in the doorway between the main room of their barracks and the small storage area at its rear, and filled the righthand cup. The hanukkah miracle is, at its essence, a miracle of the spirit, offering us an opportunity to open our hearts. The miracle of chanukah is that the amount of oil that should have lasted for one day lasted for eight days. Dec 23, 2016 theyll tell the story of eight nights the new york a cappella group called the maccabeats rewrote songs from the hit musical hamilton to tell the origin story of hanukkah. By hazon on december 12, 2017 in hazon seal of sustainability. It looks like we dont have any akas for this title yet. Perhaps the real miracle of chanukah, then, is that, convoluted though their methods might have been, the rabbis of the talmud preserved chanukah for us. The miracle of chanukah is a popular animated film about the deeper meaning of light during the festival of lights. You, through your generosity, are the miracle that builds.

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