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May 15, 2018 the colt model 1860 army revolver by charles w. Were they made by colts, or were they merely the creations of gunsmiths addressing a demand from consumers. A study of the colt single action army revolver ron graham. The colt special musket was issued to state troops, and the model 1855 revolving rifle saw service with both union infantry and cavalry, as well as with colonel hiram berdans united states sharp shooters. Pate, charles w the colt model 1860 army revolver berliner. Pate colt model 1860 army revolver history military history us history civil war cap and ball cavalry colt new model army nma us army the colt model 1860 army revolver phil. The colt single action army, also known as the single action army, saa, model p, peacemaker and m1873, is a singleaction revolver with a revolving cylinder holding six metallic cartridges. The colt model 1860 army revolver ken trotman books. Total production period ran from 1860 to 1873 for a total of 200,000 revolvers. In this groundbreaking new study, noted researcher and author charles w. The hammer is frozen and no parts on this gun move. Colt 1873 single action army revolver a brief history. The colt model 1860 army revolver was manufactured from 1860 through 1873.

Manufactured by colts patent fire arms manufacturing company in hartford, connecticut. The definitive history of the colt model 1860 army revolver. I am trying to find out when colt started making the 2nd and 3rd generation models. A look at a beautiful earlyproduction named 1860 colt army. Colts patent fire arms manufacturing company from 1836 to 1940 new york. Confederate soldier frank gurley killed general robert l. Hoyt such as the serial number for the very first engraved colt saa that was sold by colt and the listing of. American rifleman a look back at the colt single action army. The colt model 1860 army revolver is the most iconic handgun of the civil war. Colt model 1860 army percussion revolver w stock civil war.

Traditions 1861 colt navy outlaw revolver all steel. In 1836, a 22year old hartford, connecticut man, samuel colt, came up. A total of approximately 200,800 colt model 1860 army revolver were manufactured at the hartford factory from circa 1860 through to circa 1873. Today i picked up a cased 2nd gernation colt 1860 army colt revolver with accessories. If you want to start a really neat collection, start by. Normally the d in the area of the cylinder scene would be turned 90 degrees clockwise in this photo. This was the only hand held pistol until the colt revolver was invented. Colt model 1860 army percussion revolver colt collectors. Over 200,000 were made from 1860 to 1873, and 156,000 were made by the end of. Colt model 1860 army revolver inspection marks by charles pate the cylinder inspection marks on model 1860 army serial number 90163 are somewhat unusual in that they are oriented the same. Samuel colt cased colt model 1860 army percussion revolver.

By the start of the civil war, colt had refined the navy into a sleek, streamlined weapon with an improved loading lever. Belden, a history of the colt revolver and other arms made by. The 1861 navy is often acclaimed as colts most handsome pistol. The colt revolver remained preeminent among such arms in texas and throughout the west for the remainder of the nineteenth century. Samuel colt and colt manufacturing are very familiar names when it comes to firearms and their history. The flintlock mechanism was designed to push back the lid and spark a flint at the same time. Ainsworth, the wellknown principal subinspector for the colt single action army revolver in 1873, was assigned to colt by september. May 16, 2014 a model 1860 colt army naval engagement cylinder scene. The model 1860 was the single most used pistol of the american civil war.

The army special official police was a very good gun if i understand correctly, it ultimately evolved into the colt python but it seems to me there is less collector interest in them than in any other classic colt. Colt, antique, percussion revolver, model 1851 navy, caliber. A history of the colt revolver and the other arms made by. Using records from the colt factory, regimental books, ordnance departmentbureau and the treasury department and surviving examples of the revolvers, the author has amassed a database. A great mystery in the world of classic revolvers is the story of the 1860 army cartridge conversions. Powder hour blog colt 1860 army versus colt 1861 navy. The cartridge was developed by colts patent firearms for use in cartridge revolvers based on the 1860 army. Colt prototype army revolver copied from william b. The colt model 1860 army revolver was used extensively in the civil war, especially by union troops. Dubbed the peacemaker and the gun that won the west, the colt. Colt 1860 army conversion revolver liveauctioneers. Some wax nostalgic over the elegant capandball revolver models of 1836, 51 and 60.

Thick quarto, publishers dark green pebbled cloth, slipcase. It incorporated the creeping or ratchet loading lever and round barrel of the. Model 1860 colt army revolver as it probably looked when. It is 1 of 500, never fired and supposedly the cylinder has never been turned. Colt model 1860 army revolver museum of american history. A history of the colt revolver and the other arms made by colt s patent fire arms manufacturing company from 1836 to 1940 charles t haven, frank a. May 22, 2018 in 1898, colt firearms unveiled a new sixshot revolver chambered for the. Replica navy revolvers sold today are often sold in the historically incorrect. Please note that due to the weight of the book the uk post the charge will be. The total production consisted of more than 200,000. Always make sureyour revolver isnotloaded before cleaning, storing, traveling, layingitdown, orhanding ittoanother person, sothat. Pate presents the entire story of the model 1860 from its development and the supervision of sam colt to its procurement by the united states military and commercial customers. Apr 20, 2015 without your pistols we would not have had the confidence to have undertaken such adventures, quoted walkers thoughts about the colt gun. The author has amassed a database that contains approximately 8,000 complete pistols, making this the definitive history of the colt model 1860 army revolver.

Ps i have not seen many four inch barrel army specials. The previous books on the early colt saas did not have the direct involvement of a colt historian like ms. The colt was not the first revolver, but it was the first cartridge revolver to be officially adopted by the u. Colt pistols and revolvers for firearms collectors. Jul 22, 2015 colt 1873 single action army revolver bangor, maine american history is full of iconic firearms with many to name from the kentucky rifle, to the m16ar15 family, but one. If you would like to receive a factory letter on a specific pistol, you can contact colts directly for more information at the. This is a book about the three most widely known cylinder scenes engraved by waterman lilly ormsby for sam colt, used on some of the most popular products of that illustrious gun maker. The barrel on the 1860 army has a forcing cone that is visibly shorter than that of the 1851 navy, allowing the army revolver to have a longer cylinder. Whether youknow it as an accurate, cowboy, texas ranger, gunslinging, out west, corral gun, or as alittle protection, the peacemaker by samuel colt and samuel colt will never be forgotten. Read on to find out the story behind these and how you can buy one for yourself. The colt 1860 army uses the same size frame as the.

Some time in the late 1500s, a lid was added to the flash pan design. The terms army and navy were a marketing strategy, army meaning. Cased colt civilian model 1860 army revolver in exceptional condition, with accessories description. Any student of the history of the colt saa can easily see the interjections that were supplied by ms.

Army soldiers got their hands on colt revolvers, the legend spread, and soon walker and colt were collaborating on the design for the. The colt historical services price list is available online in a pdf format. Id really like to find a source that identifies the year built by serial number. This is an excellent reference book on this model colt. Mccook of the army of the ohio with this revolver on august 6, 1862, near selma, alabama. After much research and development, colt s engineers theorized that if a stepped, or rebated cylinder was designed a large caliber could be combined with a small frame to make a new army. A history of colt firearms colt, samuel haven, charles t.

In 1850, sam colt placed into production two of his most popular revolvers. It was quickly decided that a new pistol would need to be designed in order to fully take advantage of the new steel. Today i was scouring the internet to find out about these guns. The frame is relieved to allow the use of a rebated cylinder that enables the army to be chambered in. They were serial numbered in their own range from 1 through to about 200800. Colt worked to perfect his cap and ball revolver, designing the 1860 army around a lightweight frame, but chambered for the more powerful. Samuel colt and his legendary model 1860 army revolver. The colt model 1860 army was the unions most purchased and issued revolver during the civil war with over 127,156 acquired. It has been superseded by this online archive of texas ranger history. Using records from the colt factory, regimental books, ordnance departmentbureau and the treasury department and surviving examples of the revolvers, the author has amassed a database that contains approximately 8,000 complete pistols.

Designed to succeed the colt 3rd model dragoon series of revolvers, the model 1860 was essentially a reenvisioning of the colt navy model of 1851 which, itself, proved a success with us army forces despite the designation originally intended for us navy personnel. These relic guns are a collecting field in themselves. To expose or protect the powder, the lid had to be moved manually. History of the colt revolver first edition bauman rare books. Us army model 1860 colt revolver august 6, 1862 museum. Feb 17, 2018 colt brought about their new army model revolver in 1860 and it quickly proved itself the definitive combat revolver of the time. Colt army special value the firearms forum the buying. With its long and storied history colt conjures up a plethora of images at the mention of the name. The colt still has traces of the cylinder seam and a strong address on the barrel, with all signs leading to a collectible firearm. Samuel colt was as much a salesman as he was an inventor. The 1873 single action army model, known as the peacemaker or simply sixshooter, became the standard sidearm of the postwar military, the texas rangers, and the majority of cowboys across the plains.

Colt model 1860 new army sixshot percussion revolver. Much of the history of its use i already know but the author did a nice job of presenting both old and new in. This book serves as a reliable, easytouse reference for the collector and military historian. A history of the colt revolver, and the other arms made by colts patent fire arms manufacturing company from 1836 to 1940. The official record the colt single action army revolver 1873. The colt army revolver is to be distinguished from the colt navy revolver of which there were two models, the octagonal barrel model 1851 navy, and the roundbarreled model 1861 navy, both navy models being in the smaller.

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